Building Strategic Human Resources in Your Organization

Bullseye Capital is a privately held management consulting firm specializing in all aspects of human resources. We have been providing independent, objective and unbiased advice to clients since 2002.

We understand what it takes to create and maintain a strategic and effective human resource function, one that partners with and compliments other parts of an organization. We understand what it takes to build a culture in which employees are engaged and performing, thus creating an environment which supports collaboration, cooperation, communication, trust, respect and growth.

We understand organizations of all sizes and structures including profit, non-profit, publicly traded, privately held, governmental or religious based. We have led projects and managed functions which have involved stakeholders at all levels, internally and externally, which allows us to be an extremely effective change agent and partner for your organization.

Because every organization and challenge is unique, our approach is to fully understand an organization and their needs, and then craft a unique solution. That's why our advice is "On Target, Every Time".