The best talent cannot be attracted and retained without a great benefit package. Time and time again, we keep hearing that compensation will not do it alone, and that benefits are being increasingly scrutinized. Allow us to improve them. Not only are we experts at the usual items such as plan design, vendor selection, and communications, but we go further. Allow us to evaluate how work gets done within your benefit function and how well it is done. Then, we'll show you how it can be better.

Allow us to audit your governance process and suggest improvements to reduce those worries about whether or not you are in compliance with the latest legal and regulatory issues. Or, go one step further by engaging us to be an independent fiduciary and member of your governing committee or board. Tap into our expertise on a regular basis, and gain clarity into great benefits administration, possible areas of risk, and vendor fee structures.

You could buy your benefits "off the shelf" and rely solely on your vendors, or you could create something of your own, something that clearly resonates what your culture is about. Allow us to help you get "outside of the box".

  • Retirement Plans
  • Health & Welfare Plans
  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Non Traditional
  • Paid Time Off