Tuesday August

  • 2012
  • 28

Fee Disclosures - What To Do Next

by Martin Suechting in Total Rewards

Retirement Plan Sponsors may be heaving a sigh of relief now that they have received fee disclosures from their vendors and plan participants are starting to get the participant level fee disclosures. However, it may be too early to relax. Now that Sponsors have all this information about fee disclosures and are presumably educated about ‘Revenue Sharing' from mutual funds, there may be an additional step they need to think about. First, did all vendors who were supposed to provide a disclosure actually do so, and do those disclosures contain sufficient detail? Second, are the plan expenses and revenue sharing payments from mutual funds allocated fairly among all plan participants?

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Wednesday June

  • 2012
  • 13

Fiduciary's Lament: Our retirement plan is free, how can I be paying too much?

by Martin Suechting in Total Rewards
Everybody likes to get a good deal, or at least think they are getting a good deal, right? It follows that if your retirement plan is 'free', then you are getting a good deal, right? Wrong! Just ask the folks at the big power and engineering company ABB Group. In a recent court decision, the Company was fined over $35 million for, in part, failing to perform their fiduciary duty and monitor the fees paid by the plan. Fidelity Investments was also required to pay $1.7M to the plan. Read More